you need
  • documents with the assessment of your home, taking into account depreciation, high-quality photos at home and the land ;, a set of documents confirming the ownership of the property
Rate value your house and a plot of land.To do this, use the services of an appraiser, your hands will be given a report with the value of your house and taking into account investments and depreciation.Or estimate the value of their own, analyzing the prices of similar buildings in your area.Prepare a set of documents of ownership (technical passport must not be older than 3 years, if it has expired - order a new one).Photograph house and land from the vantage point that would be seen in the photo of the real estate benefits.
advertise the sale on the websites of real estate.Choose the sites that
appear on the first page in the search query "buy house in the city ...."That's what buyers are looking for a suitable house well.Of the list, select the site easy to navigate, which the purchaser will be easy to navigate.Attach photos to message.If this site has a service "Raise your ad up" or partition «VIP ads" - take advantage of these opportunities, so your suggestion to view the maximum number of potential pokupateley.Budte most honest in describing house and .If any - that the buyer finds significant disadvantages after the transaction, it will return the money for the purchase of the courts.
If done correctly, after a while you start to call customers.Perhaps to show house have not once.Be patient, and after a while the buyer naydetsya.Oformlyayte the sale House and Companies House.Before placing your order legal support documents in any real estate agency.The lawyers will check the documents, will prepare a sales contract and open a bank account to transfer money.