you need
  • - documents in the apartment;
  • - money to pay for a realtor and additional payments for apartments.
Decide whether you will engage in an exchange on their own or with the help of a realtor.In the latter case, find the right real estate agency.They were in Moscow, there are many, their addresses and phone numbers you can find in the directory of organizations in Moscow or through the Internet.Choose the agency is not only for the cost of services, but also reviews of his work.If your environment nobody was selling apartments in the recent past, please refer to reading information on the Internet.But be careful - not all network reviews you can trust.
choose an agency agreement with them desirable for you to terms of the transaction.For example, explain in advance which area and the size of the apartment you are looking for return on their own, are you ready to pay a fee and to what extent.
When the agent you select the appropriate options, visit these apartments and choose the one that suits you best.Typically, the transaction is in the form of sale, so if you sell the apartment - is your only home, arrange with a realtor about synchronizing moving.You can also specify in the contract.
Sign the agreement on the sale of housing.We write out of your former apartment with all other entities registered there.To pay the money to the agent and, if necessary, supplement the seller.
operate on the same algorithm, if you exchange an apartment on their own.The difference is that the search for and sharing options, and preparation of the contract will fall on you.But in this case, you also save on the commission to the agent, which is about three per cent of the transaction value.