someone faced with the issues of buying and selling real estate every day and knows all the "gotchas" that you may encounter on the way.Someone in my life never to get acquainted with a term such as "contract of sale of real estate."Still, most people sell or buy an apartment once or twice in my life and just can not know about the many nuances of this complex case.There are two main aspects to which you should pay attention when choosing a future place of residence.This is a legal and home.

legal aspect

you choose an apartment.Did you like the house, the area, and the price arranged.Now, before you seller "shook hands" and proceed with the preparation of documents for the transaction, you need
to check the legal "purity" of the apartment.

To do this, take an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights (abbr. USRR) apartment.It will be shown, is it really the landlord who claims to be him, not imposed on an apartment arrest you.This can be done at the Department of the Federal Registration Service, inventory and mapping of the location of the apartment.The documents needed: passport, receipt of payment of registration fee with a copy of the statement - written at the reception.

more need of dispensation to take an extract from the house to find out if there are any registered individuals who may subsequently be eligible for the entire apartment or a share of it, and of which the seller chose to remain silent.It may be juveniles in children's home, or persons in prisons.

Also, before you buy an apartment you need to know the tax, whether tax arrears.Otherwise, the registration of the transaction may be suspended.

It is worth also to find out whether the seller debt on utility bills.If you are not curious by this, and then it turns out that the debt is, then you have to pay them.

household aspects

For example, you're in luck, the legal purity apartment was perfect and ready for sale.Now it's time to pay attention to the consumer side of it, in which it is able to.Before engaging in the study of the documents you are, of course, we came to the apartment to look.At first glance, you all might seem ideal, but need to look deeper.

If the apartment is on the top floor and attic not, attentively inspect the ceilings in all rooms, kitchen and balcony, if available.You should alert any spots that may indicate that the roof of the house is leaking.Also, it could be evidence that the ceilings have been recently painted, whether in one room or the entire apartment.Be sure to ask the owner.

In the bathroom definitely look into the bay, where the water and sewerage pipes.Look, if there water stains on the walls, the tap does not leak.Feel the towel rail in the bathroom, hot whether.Turn the faucet in the bathroom and the kitchen, to ensure their efficiency.Look under the sink, check the condition of the water podvodok not cracked there already.

Rooms note window.If the frame is simple, there is no large gaps in the winter that will blow as a glass stick.If that double-glazed windows, check whether all the mechanisms of the condition of seals.

Also pay attention to the floor.If he boardwalk and much creaking, it is possible that it will have to sort out, but it's pretty expensive repairs.If the coating laminate, check it for any "bubbles", especially in the corners.They emerge from the shed, and not just harvested fluid, for example, from animal waste.