you need
  • - Application form;
  • - a package of documents for obtaining a mortgage;
  • - down payment for a house.
If you have a steady job with a good income, registered in Russia, can confirm the income certificate, you will be given a loan easily.For cash, contact your chosen bank.
To order the most advantageous credit under the minimum interest rate, read all the proposals of banks in the media.Choose the right option, prepare the necessary documents.
To obtain a mortgage you will need: - an income statement form 2-PIT - Russian passport with permanent registration in the Russian Federation; - certificate of employment, which will confirm your seniority - anketa-application in the form
of a credit institution - marriage certificate or divorce.
Any bank may request additional documents, which include a letter from the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist.
Mortgage loan is granted under the minimum interest rate, if the client has enough money to pay the down payment for the purchased apartment, or have other valuable property that is ready to issue as collateral to fulfill the debt.
To obtain a lien on the property is available, you will need to obtain notarized permission of the owners or the other spouse, if the property was acquired during the marriage registered, legal documents show.
loan you can draw at any time, but your age at the time of repayment of the debt should not exceed 65 years.Some lenders, for example, the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation are ready to give a mortgage borrower, whose age at the time of repayment of the entire amount is not to exceed 75 years.
If approved by the bank of your application you will receive notification.Application processing time may vary and are necessary for a full security check of all the information provided.