conditions of registration of non-residential premises in credit

This loan is that you can draw only in larger banks, since many non-credit institutions are hesitant to give such large sums of money.This is due to the fact that commercial mortgages in Russia is at the initial stage.Therefore, the conditions outlined her only symbolically, that does not mean that this type of lending is issued to anyone interested.

are eligible to apply only to those companies that operate continuously for about six months, a year.In addition, an important condition for a positive balance, that is, the company must make a p
rofit from its activities.The result is that small businesses are not sufficiently profitable, and they are denied mortgages.

Way of processing the loan

Way of processing the loan is not well thought out.However, there are three basic choices:
• Entrepreneur agrees with the owner of the property, and is a contract of sale.At the same time, the buyer pays a certain part of the money the seller directly.Then, with the contract he goes to the financial institution, it draws up a loan secured by the acquired real estate.This path is the most lengthy and time-consuming.

• Choosing the next course of action, you have to sign a preliminary agreement with the seller to pay part of the sum, and then execute the contract with the obligation of credit mortgages.At the same time, the Bank shall transfer the missing funds to the former owner of real estate.

• Realtor way.Its advantage is that the redeemed not only property but also the entire enterprise completely.
If we analyze the proposed methods, it can be understood that the legislation in this area has not been fully worked out.Not designated specific routes of transmission assets, and the trouble with such a type of lending enough.However, this is a good option for first-time entrepreneurs, rent as a percentage in comparison with other types of loans for non-residential premises is low.

Thus, the enterprise has an opportunity to get an office or warehouse with the payment of the required sum of money is not much higher than the rent.