quality of housing depends on many factors.Here the role played by the age of the house, and the material (brick, panel, etc..), And the quality of construction.If the first two points are reflected in the documents, check the builders how faithfully fulfilled their duties is possible only by a visual inspection of the surface.
If you have sufficient resources, get an apartment in a brick house (it is much warmer than the panel) on the third or fourth floor.First, the water pressure is high enough, and on the upper floors in the future there can be problems (weak pressure).Secondly, the water coming from the CHP, getting piped up, gradually cools down and the residents of the upper floors often complain about the cold battery.
When choosing an apartment in a new note not only
the internal state of the future of housing, but also on the territory adjacent to the house.Take a walk around the neighborhood and note whether there is a nearby park, shops, pharmacies and other necessary institutions.
If you offer a new apartment with a beautiful view of the river (where the water reservoir is located in close proximity to the house), you do not hurry to agree.In the flood season, the water may come out of its banks and wash away the foundations.All repair costs incur tenants, because these apartments are privately owned.
If you decide to buy an apartment in the secondary market, then gather as much information about your future real estate.Refer to the district and tell that you are going to buy an apartment in this house.Ask him about the landlord.Often it is in the course of a casual conversation, it turns out that the owners of the apartment completely different people, and those who try to sell it really a scam.Find out also what is the crime situation in the area, is there a socially dangerous elements among your future neighbors.
If for some reason you can not talk to the district, then ask these questions to tenants.Be sure to ask how often the house turned off the light and water, how long do house repairs.
Pay attention to the internal state of the apartment (especially communications - pipes, electrical wiring).Ask the owners what kinds of alterations are made (transferred power outlet, cleaned the walls, doorways were sealed, etc.).If the majority of the new Communication, in the rooms is a quality repair, and around live decent neighbors, consider that you have managed to find a good apartment.