check the legal aspects.Firstly, at the area should be precisely defined boundary.Legally speaking, it must necessarily undergo the procedure of surveying.And more profitable if the survey will be executed by the seller.After the transaction of sale and purchase, you will get a number of documents: cadastral and topographic site plan showing all underground utilities.Second, check whether the property is taken into account in the organs of state registration, otherwise you will not be able to subsequently legitimize the structure and to register in the newly erected your home.Third, check with USRR not arrested any land, whether it is not incorporated by the previous owner, not imposed whether land easement.Fourth, ask if there are tax arrears for the piece of land.
Pay special attention to how the water territory.Does site access to the central water supply wells, or cooperative.If not, you will have his own expense to drill a well that will lead to additional costs, especially in deep proleganiya artesian water.
Find out if you liked the village in central drainage.If you do not have to build the drain system and local spending to a reliable septic considerable sum of money to sanepidemstantsii authorities approved the project of your future house.
Inquire in the administration of the remoteness of the local power plant, at the same time ask how many kilowatts you will be allocated.In the case of Power and the intractability of your home for lack of power, will have to seriously invest in the alternative energy sources.
Finally, evaluate the access roads to the site you purchase.Make sure that the condition of roads allows for movement on them a variety of vehicles, including construction machinery, throughout the year.