you need
  • - Help 2-PIT on income over the past year (you need to get it in all organizations, if during this period, you changed jobs);
  • - a sales contract for an apartment;
  • - certificate of state registration of property rights;
  • - transfer act;
  • - receipt of money (if any);
  • - INN.
The first page of the tax return, record personal information.Indicate in block letters the name, first name, date and place of birth, nationality, passport data.Mark the check box on the reliability of the information specified in the questionnaire, and sign.It is best to do it on the computer to immediately correct the errors.Then, print and sign the sheet.Download 3-PIT declaration here: .
On the second page, in the upper windows, put down the individual tax number (TIN).Enter your zip code and once again enter the place of registration.Leave a telephone number, or mobile home, on which you can always be found.
Proceed to fill the third page.Specify where information on the calculation of the tax base and the amount of tax on income taxable at the rate of 13%.Take them out of the reference 2-PIT issued for work.The same information on the sheets leave A and K.
Fill page seven, the fifth section.They enter the final calculation of the amount of tax on all types of income, including the sale of the apartment.Write how much is to be returned to the seller.Consult a tax deduction can be in the preparation of the act of transfer of housing in the Registration Chamber of the Russian Federation or to calculate yourself.
On the eighth page, select another amount to be paid to the state budget, as well as its code OKATO.You can check by help phone to the tax office.
Proceed to fill sections A, F and K. This is the ninth, sixteenth, seventeenth and twenty-first to twenty-third page declaration.Information for filling in these sheets take the documents for the sale of apartments and a certificate of ownership.Indicate there:

- passport details of the seller and buyer;

- the amount of income;

- INN source of payment;

- the amount of tax deductions.
Under each sheet put signature and full name and date of completion.