to find suitable accommodation quickly decide what type it should be.If you are interested in a house under construction, in which the cost per square meter is much lower, look for a reliable builder.One of the lists of the Moscow companies, erecting high-rise buildings, you can see the buildings on the site by clicking on the link under the article.Select an area that is needed.See what organizations represented there.Determine the number of those who spend the most large-scale construction or working in several districts of Moscow.Call for managers and make an appointment.Ask to see the statutory documents.Please note if there is a permit for the construction of high-rise buildings, engineering works, etc.Consider a
few options.Check whether the company is in the "black list" of developers.Once you have verified the integrity of the organization, go to the place, choose your future apartment .
Find an apartment in a new building or Resellers little easier.The house is already there, and he put all communications.You just choose the region, footage and floor.Huge selection of apartments presented on the site real estate companies.There's a house there for every taste.A search of the apartment owners can be portals Free classified ads.But be very careful.When negotiating a deal with the seller directly, check the availability and authenticity of key documents - of the passport and evidence of home ownership.Once asked to produce receipts for payment of utility services in the last year.This saves you from having to pay the debts of the previous owners.
apartment pickup better search through friends and acquaintances, so you avoid having to pay a real estate agent's commission.If the lease option without intermediaries, have the reliable realtor firm.With small organizations, has recently appeared in the housing market, it is not necessary to communicate.Their services are cheaper, but in the end, you can run into a scam, and remain without an apartment, and without money.