room price depends on many factors.In the first state of the house and its location.Of course, a multi-storey brick house with spacious rooms and common areas, located in a prestigious area, quoted much higher than the "Khrushchev" somewhere on the outskirts.Accordingly, the cost of a room in a house much more.Once you have a very acute financial issue, try to look for the cheapest option on the outskirts.
house, located near the subway station or a major highway, also quoted higher than the building somewhere in the depths of the sleeping area, which is necessary for a long time to get, and e
ven with changes.You better chose the second option.Of course, it will be less convenient, but you can save money when buying a fairly decent amount of room.
very important point: the number of residents in a communal apartment.It is easy to understand that the fewer, the better the room price, and vice versa.After all, few of the potential buyers will want to in the shared kitchen or in line at the bathroom crowded with people.One thing - two or three neighbors, is quite another - a dozen or more.If you can not afford to buy a really good room, it is necessary to look for the cheapest, crowded option.
But always keep in mind the peculiarity of our housing legislation.If in addition to that room, you are going to buy, even privatized at least one, located in the apartment, according to article 250 of the Civil Code, namely its owners have the first right of purchase.Therefore, that the transaction was recognized as lawful, necessary to notarize the refusal of neighbors from his pre-emptive right.
If the neighbors refuse to go to a notary public, citing lack of time, the seller may declare in writing of its intention to sell the room (that is part of the apartment), to determine the time for this part of the pre-emptive.Then either the neighbors would be required to buy back room, or at the expiration of the term you will get the right to buy it.