meet you, wrapped in a blanket or sweater and warm socks on his feet - it means heating problems.Often this is observed in the homes, which are located on the line of the so-called "return pipes".In winter, always cold, so go around the side of the house.If you love to the house was warm - buy an apartment in the autumn-winter period.
you like apartment on the top floor, but in the absence of repair in general, ceilings shine fresh whitewash?Most likely the problem is a leaking roof, and the ceiling is painted specifically to confuse you.Oldest same spot should not scare - which means that the roof of the recently repaired.
door neighbors.Qualitative or at least a good door - a guarantee of a pleasant neighborhood.New inexpensive doors - a sign of the abundance of tenants, the old Soviet doors - pensioners, and lax and "tired" promise neighbors who "take to paycheck."Not bad pay attention to the door neighbors in another entrance.
abundance of strollers and other children's vehicles indicate the presence of a large number of families with children.If your family has children - safely buy an apartment!But if you want peace, then this option is not for you.
apartment from the end?On the north side is always cool, and the south, and sometimes it can be too hot.
apartment on the first floor?Open windows and lack of access to the plinth indicate the presence of mold or at least moisture.
Territory improvements.Overflowing garbage cans, lawn, turned into parking lots, dirt, deposits of snow or deep puddles - all of this goes into your property, if you dare to buy an apartment here.