Prove that the apartment belonged to you before marriage.Imagine a court certificate of ownership to this apartment .It may be a contract of sale of an apartment at his own expense, a certificate of donation of apartments, obtaining a certificate of inheritance, etc.If the gift or inheritance during the marriage take place, the apartment is still considered your personal property.And imagine the court a marriage certificate.
If you do not have certificates of title to this flat , then prove that bought its own funds (even if the apartment is purchased in marriage).It can be personal savings, belong to you before marriage.Very well, if the accumulation stored in the bank.Take it appropriate certificate as proof of its own funds.Either you had inherited money
or proceeds from the sale of Crown assets.
Make a former spouse with the contract of sale, reassure him of a notary.Naturally, before the transaction, make sure that the former spouse has the means to buy your apartment.Register the deal in Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography on a common basis to enter into sale and purchase transactions of apartments.
There is another option.After the divorce, division of property complete your notary, if the apartment is in joint ownership with the spouse.After the partition of each spouse becomes the owner of his half of the apartment.The entire process is documented and each spouse receives its certificate of ownership.And then as owner can sell his part of anyone, but the advantage of the first purchaser owns the neighbor (in this case the former spouse ).If he is ready to buy your share, sell him his part of the apartment, and it will become full owner of the entire apartment.