Act of transfer and acceptance is not a mere formality, it completes the purchase and sale transaction, confirming the transfer of property in a specified state.According to our law, such an act is considered to be evidence of the seller's obligation to transfer, and the buyer to take the property.

Why and when to sign the act of reception and transmission?

If an apartment or room is transmitted in a different state than the buyer expected to receive it, this discrepancy should be specified in the act of reception and transmission.Such a situation may arise if dismantled or spoiled finishing room, built-in furniture, appliances or plumbing (if they are part of the property sold).

Helpful Hint: act of reception and transmission apartment or room is a sign after the state registration of property rights, together with the transf

er of a full set of keys.It is not necessary to transmit the keys immediately after signing the sales contract, because the possible refusal of registration of property rights, in connection with which there miscommunication between the buyer actually received the property and may already be somehow dispose of it, and the seller.

Remember that acceptance report confirms the fulfillment of conditions by both parties of the contract of sale and shall not relieve the seller from the need to restore the premises to the condition described in the DCP.By the way, the act of transfer and acceptance is required to provide to the tax office in order to obtain a tax deduction.

there any special requirements for the acceptance certificate?

In the act of reception and transmission must contain passport data of the buyer and seller, the exact address of the transferred property (apartment or room).It is also very desirable to provide details of the contract of sale of real estate, cadastral passport data.Before signatures with details of name, specify the date of the act of reception and transmission.Otherwise, the strict requirements for him no.Acceptance protocol drawn up by the parties in writing.It also indicates the presence or absence of mutual claims.

Attention! Before signing the act of reception and transmission apartments or rooms, check the presence of arrears of utility payments, because it is the date of signing of the act to the new owner becomes the duty of the contents of the room (so the data on the status of those payments is also recommended to specify in the act of reception and transmission).