Warning: Fraud!

most serious risks to buyers of apartments on the stage of excavation - to be among the defrauded investors, ienever did not get the keys from the paid accommodation.Dual sale - another risk of such purchase.This is a known practice of fraud: the apartment, which is there only in terms of sell to several different people.

these risks protects the conclusion of the contract equity participation in the construction - PO (such an agreement officially registered in Rosreestra in accordance with the 214-FZ).This avoids the double selling and allows you to get your money back, if the construction is completed.

Not all Russian developers are working on 214-FZ, b
ut other schemes the purchase does not guarantee anything.For example, a preliminary contract of sale, unlike POs, is not registered anywhere, and "promissory notes scheme" indicates that the developer does not have all the necessary documents for the construction (usually documents on the ground).

But even if the selected developer is working on FL-214, and is widely known for its advertising, do not neglect the procedure to verify that it all permits for the construction of a particular object.Ask for a certificate of ownership to land, building permit, project documentation.

have to wait

deciding to buy an apartment in the primary market, you should be aware that the contract prescribed deadlines object can repeatedly postponed.On average, the construction of an apartment building takes 3 years.But the building and the last 7 years and 12 years.In the process of construction of the building involves many parties, contractors, any of which may not fulfill its obligations.Buying an apartment on the stage of excavation, you risk your time.No need to believe in the word of the seller: take a trip to the construction site, evaluate the progress of the work and whether it is at all to even approximately understand Will I get the keys at the agreed time.

Problems with mortgage

Get a loan to buy an apartment in a newly built building is not so easy.With each new building work, as a rule, only a few of its accredited banks, so that the selection of mortgage programs available to you would be not very wide.When lending facility at a low stage of readiness of the interest rate is always higher than the financing of new housing.

Cat in the bag

large risks associated with the fact that you are buying an object that does not exist yet.Therefore, be sure to check urban planning (on the government website of your city) to understand how to change the appearance of the district, when you get right to the property.It's a shame to buy an apartment with a view of the park, but in the end to get a rack.

Keep in mind that after the completion of the apartments are usually "grow up."You buy one number meters and get to 3-5 m more.This particular construction, and they have to pay.When a contract is required to Speak at what price these meters will be "doprodany" you, unscrupulous developers or estate agent may ask them for a higher price in an already built house.