Adults homeowners if they want to sell an apartment or a room, the owner of the share which is a minor child must remember that our legislation protects the rights of children in this regard.To the right of the child had not been infringed, on a real estate deal will have to obtain the consent of the guardianship authorities (PLO).If such consent is not obtained, the transaction will not be registered (or it can be easily challenged in court).

important to remember that the consent of the guardianship and custody is required for the transaction, which involves a child under the age of 18, but up to 14 years for a child to make decisions and sign documents of his parents or guardians, and with 14 years of a child has the right to sign documentson the

ir own, but it must be recorded consent of parents or persons in loco parentis.

guardianship authorities is designed to ensure that children's rights were not violated.That is why the parents or guardians when visiting this office have the documents on hand to prove that the conditions of life of the child will not be worse, that is selling a house in which the child is co-owner, will have to buy a new home, which will be better than the last, and the proportion of the child is notreduced.

What documents need the parents in this case?At a minimum, have to prepare legal documents to sell the house and the one that will be purchased, as well as their description (extract from the Unified State Register, technical, cadastral passport).It is possible that the PLO will ask for additional documents from parents or yourself.

What to do if you get the refusal of the PLO to the deal?Such a waiver - not the end of the transaction, it can be challenged.This is done through the courts at the location of the PLO.