to quickly and profitably sell an apartment, it is not necessary to be a professional realtor.It is enough to learn a few simple rules that will help significantly reduce the time of the adoption of a positive decision by the buyer.

only adequate price

To determine the appropriate value of the apartment, you can invite a professional who has a good idea of ​​the pricing of real estate.However, all is possible to calculate and myself, remembering that too high a price certainly scare each potential buyer.

If square footage not differ uniqueness and exclusivity of repair of kitchen furniture, should abandon inflated requests and to voice the most optimal price.We must remember that the real estate market is full proposals for the sale of apartments and the buyer is primarily eng
aged in the search of the property is that it can afford.

repair, order and cleanliness

Before the sale of the apartment, it is desirable to make a high-quality repairs.If funds are limited, it will be the way and cosmetic repairs, including the replacement of old wallpaper, application of new varnish on the doors, replacement of plumbing.It should also pay attention to such everyday things as the creaking of a door hinge, worn curtain in the bathroom, covered with stubborn, greasy stains on the wall of a working kitchen.

All the time the apartment is not found its new owner, it must contain clean.Perfect order must prevail in all areas - in the bedroom, in the hallway, kitchen, toilet and bath.You also need to get rid of old and useless things, as a rule, tend to accumulate on the balcony, cluttering the living space.

is advisable to visit each potential buyer to do wet cleaning of the apartment, dust the furniture, doors and windows, freshen the air by any means flavored.Sink, toilet, bathroom and all the taps must also be kept clean.Buyer, usually during the inspection of the apartment inspects every corner of the apartment, so be prepared thoroughly.In addition, the buyer must have access to the counters of water and electricity.

Tip: if the seller owns the pet at the time of inspection they must be "fuse" to friends or neighbors.Buyer's nothing should distract during the inspection of the apartment.