manner as to expose the scam is not so little.The main thing that is required from a person who does not want to fall for the trick of unscrupulous dealers - care.That it helps to avoid frustration and problems associated with the loss of money in the purchase of apartments.
If possible, it is better to take the help of proven lawyers to help deal with the legal subtleties of the issue and will secure the process of signing documents.

How to expose scams in real estate

In the first step the purchase of property, you may encounter unscrupulous realtors.Therefore it is necessary at this stage to be very careful.For example, do not apply to the first available rea
l estate agency with a dubious facade and equally dubious guise.It is better to choose those companies that are in the market for a long time and proved to be reliable sellers.
Be very careful, because many scammers themselves as news agencies that provide you with only the evaluation information.This is indicated in small letters in the contract.

Once you find a suitable living space and stay in it, iemake a pledge, be sure to check the documents to be signed.And they need to evaluate not only in terms of literacy and correctness of filling, but also in terms of their legal value and significance.Do not be lazy to re-read the treaties and check all the seller's contact information, which will be specified in the Act.

With regard to the transfer of money, do it in the presence of witnesses.It is also necessary to take the receipt with the transaction participants that the money they received.
Such receipts will take you even if you submit the paper for a tax deduction.So do not neglect them.

Some realtors are advised to take the completed notarized receipt from the landlord that if there were any heirs or other applicants for the apartment, which he did not know before, he will refund them the value of their stake in the apartment.If your seller refuses to give you a paper, think about it: all whether he is pure.

alarm signal can act and the fact that the seller would be strongly opposed to the presence of the deal of you legally savvy person who can examine the contract and indicate its flaws.After all, this reluctance may be due only to the fact that there is something to hide.

What can be done further

Try to protect yourself further.To this end, communicate with experts passport, to which your apartment.They can tell you almost all of its ins and outs, and warned - there are no hidden or owners of which you do not suspect.For example, maybe someone from previously prescribed sitting in places not so remote.

Also, read the forums households.However, this is more work to new buildings.Check data on the ground, which puts your future home - it is possible that it is not intended for construction.

Be careful and meticulous, asit is a fairly large sum of money.Do not be afraid to look stupid by asking too many questions.This is necessary not to look stupid then.Especially now with the real estate scam - a very common phenomenon.