you need
  • - an application for state registration of rights to land and deal with it (given in the department of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation);
  • - a contract for the sale of land, signed by buyer and seller (in triplicate);
  • - certificate confirming the right to land;
  • - certificate confirming the right of the building;
  • - certificate from the garden of the partnership, if the cottage and put attributed to it;
  • - a copy of the financial account of the acquired property (subject to the availability of communications in it);
  • - copies of the originals and ordinary passports buyer and seller;
  • - the act of transfer of land, signed by both parties;
  • - cadastral plan of the land;
  • - a receipt that was paid by the state fee and a copy of it.
Before you contact the real estate agency to find a suitable option, decide what kind of house you want.In Moscow actively built townhouses, cottages and holiday villages preserved old buildings.All modern buildings are often already equipped with the necessary communications and is fully suitable for residence.But in the country's house dating back to the Soviet era, it may not be the central water, sewer or gas.
determine the direction and distance from Moscow.The closer to the capital, the more expensive housing.East, north-east and south-east are cheaper.But to get to the garden by a constantly loaded Ryazan highway, road enthusiasts, Volgograd prospectus much more difficult than for a looser western highways.If you plan to live permanently in a country house and work in Moscow, buy land no further thirty-five - forty kilometers from the city.And if you're going to put on his visit only on weekends, you can review and more separated and, therefore, cheap.
Select a real estate agency.Its staff will help you choose the best option country house and execute the necessary documents.Of course, services are not free of Realtors.But the commission often divided between the seller and the buyer.In addition, you will avoid problems with the registration of the transaction and an independent search for suitable housing.
conclude an agreement with the agent and discuss all the interesting details.Distance from the city, infrastructure, transport accessibility, communication, cost, etc.This will facilitate the work and it will help you find your dream home.
selecting from the options suitable check the documents landlord.For the transaction it is necessary to have available regular passport owner, certificate of land belonging to the house and , cadastral plan of the site.On it you can check if there are any charges, which can later cause problems with the operation.Also, if the house is habitable, ask to show a receipt for payment of utility bills for the last year.
prepare all the necessary documents, go to the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation.This organization carries out the state registration of real estate transactions.Its subsidiary in every region.Key documents provides the owner house and site.The buyer is required only the presence of a valid national passport and.