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  • «Housing Code of the Russian Federation" from 29.12.2004 №188-FZ (ed. By 18.07. 2011).
Determine territorial boundaries in which you are planning to organize homeowners.It can be created in an apartment building or include several houses located on one plot of land and connected by common utility networks and other infrastructure elements.
Organize an initiative group, which will deal with organizational issues.The composition of such a group could enter the most active socially tenants;it is desirable that one of them had the experience of organizational work and at least basic knowledge of law and management of real estate, although it is not a
Together with the members of the initiative group gather preliminary information about the owners of the house.The easiest way to do this by traversing Apartments survey of tenants.Explain to people the purpose of collecting information;it will provide not only more friendly attitude to the subject of the survey, but also to identify those who are in their qualities could provide practical assistance in the organization of the partnership.
Conduct a thorough preparation for a general meeting of owners.Determine who will lead the meeting, schedule of speakers on a particular issue.Prepare a list of possible questions that will certainly among citizens, as well as the answers to these questions.You need to know exactly what the purpose of the meeting and what options are making it possible.
Place ads in the entrance of the house with an indication of the nature of the meeting, agenda, time and place of the meeting.If it is technically possible, information about the future bring to the meeting each owner individually.If the apartment is in common ownership, hand notice of a meeting to each of the owners.In the presence of non-residential premises in the building, be sure to send notice of the meeting and their owners.
Spend general organizational meeting.Conducted by its chairman, selected by a majority vote.Provide management protocol as detailed fixing the issues.The decision on specific issues and the general solution of the partnership are taken by majority vote of those present and drawn up a separate protocol.For the legitimacy of the decision requires that the meeting was attended by at least half of the owners of premises belonging to the house.
In case of a positive decision on the establishment of the HOA to approve at its meeting of the same statute, the board and the audit committee.Of course, it is desirable to prepare in advance a few options of constituent documents, and if necessary, make changes to them during the meeting.If the approval of the charter and composition of the governing bodies arise from the difficulty insurmountable contradiction, set for the approval document of the Second Meeting, authorizing the preparation of materials of the initiative group.
Following the decision by the partnership complete your necessary documents and submit to the tax authority for the registration of condominiums.The package of documents must include a statement on the state registration, the original decision on the partnership, two copies of the charter, a receipt for payment of the registration fee.
After completing the registration HOA open a bank account and provide information on the partnership is still balansoderzhatelya home to carry out his transfer.The transfer of the management of condominiums houses produces Commission, which brings together representatives of the local executive bodies and management of the company.After the reception and transmission of the board receives the act and the technical documentation on the structure.