Before signing the contract be sure to read the package of documents.The developer would have to provide you with the following documents:
- project documentation, which includes all changes made to it;
- a building permit;
- conclusion of the state examination of project documentation (if such expertise is established by federal law);
- documents confirming the right builder to land;
- feasibility study for the construction of apartment buildings and (or) other property.
Look for online reviews of this developer and a specific object - they will have.In most cases, buyers of apartments in a specific building even create your own forum - here's where you can learn everything about the chosen buildings.Analyzing this information to draw
conclusions about the advisability of buying an apartment in this house.
Prefer developer who has built facilities in your town - the more, the better.There are cases that are not too experienced, but ambitious and very honest developer built a house on credit money, did not have time to quickly implement customized or real estate prices have developed not in his favor.As a result of the builder - bankrupt, with multi-million dollar debt, including to the energy-efficient organizations.Residents are held hostage to the new house this situation for a long time remained without hot water, with a minimum of heating, as well as court and other uncomfortable subquality.
Also, when buying an apartment, consider the presence of underground parking in high-rise building.If they are absent, then just need to close to the house there is enough space for car parking.Another important factor is the number of apartments per floor.This is a matter of comfort.For smaller apartments on the same floor, the better.
If you want to buy an apartment not building , you should pay attention to the tenure of the current owner of the apartment.If this period is less than a year, should be wary.Or, you are faced with dealers or apartment has serious shortcomings, which present the owner ran only after the purchase.The term home ownership can also be 1-2 months.In this case, immediately give up this option.You can be sure, is a wholly-owned scam.It is also worth thinking about who will live with you in the neighborhood.