What determines the price of housing?

Prices for residential real estate rental market is very diverse.Apartments in big cities there are several times more expensive than in the regions.Thus, one-room apartment in Moscow will cost, if not more, the same way as the "kopeck piece" or "three rubles" in a small town.Price also depends on other factors.The apartment is close to the city center or to any of the local attractions, so it is correspondingly more expensive. within a single neighborhood, apartment prices also vary.It all depends on the surrounding infrastructure.

type and age of the house will also affect the price.Apartments in the b
uilding to remove significantly more expensive than, for example, in "Khrushchev".Having a good repair, furniture and appliances also very significantly affect the cost of housing.

Season undoubtedly strongly influence the price.In large cities, the cost of rental housing grows, starting from mid-June to about mid-September.At this time the settlement of students, and each apartment owner hopes to pass it as soon as possible profitable.So you also run the risk of rent an apartment at this time at a higher cost.

Where to look for an apartment?

ideal option to rent a house - to use the services of acquaintances.In this case, the price of an apartment will not be prohibitive and can count on the integrity of the lessor.But lucky few.

Another option is to find an apartment Internet search.Now a lot of different sites where ads are placed on the lease.These ads are placed on special boards, advertising sites, urban forums and in social networks.For example, you can go to the site "VKontakte", to find there the appropriate Public and seek appropriate option. In the search would have to spend a lot of time, but you will certainly find what you want.

If you have enough free time or apartment is needed as soon as possible, you can use the services offered by real estate agency.But before you trust a particular agency to start is to get acquainted with his work.Currently, a lot of unscrupulous companies contacting you risk being left without money and without removing the apartment.Many schemes devised swindlers, so be careful and vigilant.