you need
  • - passports of all participants in the transaction;
  • -Certificate of home ownership and legal documents;
  • - notarized permission from all owners for sale;
  • - Resolution of custody and guardianship, if the number of owners includes minors, incapable or partially capable citizens;
  • - a preliminary contract of sale;
  • - the main contract of sale;
  • - the act of reception and transmission:
  • - registration of ownership of the customer;
  • - the notarial pledge agreement with registration in the Unified State Register, if the housing is made with borrowed funds.
Whether the seller is a legal entity or a private individual, to sell real estate should be a document of title, cadastral passport, extract from him, cadastral plan and all necessary documents.Registration of ownership rights to the buyers is only possible with the availability of all necessary documents.
The first is the pre-registration of the contract of sale, if the property is entered for the advance payment as a deposit.This part of documenting and can not do, but immediately issue the main contract of sale, which can be written in writing or to conclude a notary's office.The conclusion of the contract of sale with the assistance of a professional notary is the most appropriate and safest mode of transaction.A professional with a legal background will take into account all the nuances and draw up documents in accordance with the latest legal requirements.With self-drafting of the document in writing, you may have some problems in the future.Therefore it is not worth the risk and it is better to entrust all professionals.
If housing is in the general share property, before the conclusion of the sales contract shall be executed notary approval for sale of all co-owners.If the co-owners is a minor, incapacitated or partially capable citizens, apart from the notarial permission from their legal representatives, require a resolution of the guardianship authorities.
second stage of the sale is drawing up an act of acceptance and transfer of property purchased .After signing the document by both parties the responsibility for the preservation and maintenance of housing passes to the buyer.
final step in the checkout process housing is registration of property rights in state registration center for a single registration of real estate transactions.
If the purchase housing made loan or mortgage, the right of ownership to the buyer transferred after full repayment of the employees of the bank funds or registered ownership with the encumbrance, in which you can not sell, exchange or donatehousing until full repayment of the loan and remove the encumbrance.This is done by entering the bank notarial pledge agreement and its registration in the Unified State Register.