If you have no money so a lot, but I want to buy an apartment in the selected area and a reliable builder, you can take part in joint construction.When buying housing on the stage of excavation at large developer that is building not single buildings and entire housing estates, you will have the opportunity to buy a good apartment that meets the needs of your family, to 30-45% cheaper, agreeing to wait 2-3 years.Please note that it is cheaper to buy such housing directly from the developer, but not for those shareholders who bought the first and then sell it.
Buying an apartment in these conditions, please note that only a docu
ment like a contract the equity allows us to reduce your risk to a minimum.As a prerequisite for the entry into force of this agreement is its state registration, you can be sure that the sole buyer of the apartment.Before you sign a contract, check with the Federal Law №214 «On Participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate" governing the relationship builder and equity holders.
When the funds for the purchase of apartments in the new building already built enough and you're not going to wait, you can buy it on the sales contract.But, before you do that, check out the master plan and make sure that all the basic structure already built nearby.In this case, you do not have a few years to live without transport and social infrastructure, in the face of continued construction in the county.And do not forget to make sure that the house is already connected to the communications, iecommissioned.
In general, when the money is enough and there is a choice, both in the primary and the secondary housing market in order not to miscalculate with its purchase should orient prices.For apartments in the primary market, it is better to use the cost method evaluation, and for those offered by the secondary market - comparative.The comparative method is justified for those cases where the area in which you are going to buy an apartment, built up with typical houses.Inquire about the cost of similar apartments, taking advantage of the local Internet portals, which are placed ads housing.