you need
  • - passport;
  • - money to buy an apartment.
assess the situation on the housing market in your town.This can be done by reviewing the specialized newspapers devoted to buying and selling property, as well as studying the specialized websites.On these resources, you can search housing not only in the price category, but also by location and area.After reviewing these suggestions, you can adjust your plans for the purchase of property in accordance with the actual situation on the market.
If after studying the real estate market you realize that you do not have enough money, you have two main options.Firstly, you ca
n save by buying a house
during the construction phase.Second, you can take a loan at the bank.If your personal income verification is not enough for such a large loan, you can bring a spouse as a co-borrower.In this case, the bank will take into account your overall dohody.Esli you decide to get a mortgage, contact several banks.So you can choose the most advantageous loan program, and save time, if one bank fails you.
Find the agency for the sale of apartments.Buy housing can be independently, but if you do it the first time, will be more reliable if you can help professionals.Looking agency relies primarily on the opinion of former clients.Interrogate their friends and acquaintances, learn themed online forums on the purchase and sale of property.Contact the agency that has the best reputation.
choose an agency to contact.Clearly specify what housing you need and how much you're willing to spend.If you plan to buy a house using a mortgage or parent capital, warn estate agent in advance.These factors complicate the sale transaction and make it longer.
If the agent provided you with several options, all of which you like, make a comparative table of the advantages and disadvantages of each apartment.After reviewing this table, you can decide a more balanced and objective.