you need
  • - passport;
  • - money for purchase.
Having decided on a purchase, please contact the real estate agency.Specialists will help you select an object, will control the conduct of the transaction, and will help to solve all related issues.The most convenient way to apply to the Russian company has long worked in the market and having reliable partners in Montenegro .
as accurately as possible specify their requirements for the future facility.The most expensive are houses on the coast - they can quickly rent.However, for personal use should choose a house in the mountains - there is much calmer and quieter.You can buy a detached house, townhouse, apar
tment in a residential complex.In the market, there are ready-made objects that are under construction and housing, fully equipped with furniture and household appliances.
preview of objects you can carry out virtually.For the final choice and the deal is better to come to Montenegro.The Agency may order for you accommodation, and assign the necessary meetings to carry out the selected viewing homes and apartments in the most convenient for you mode.If done right, the whole process of sale will only take a few days.
selecting future purchase, it is necessary to check the availability of documentation, ownership of the facility and the lack of encumbrances.If everything is in order, the buyer and seller is made a preliminary agreement, which means that the object is no longer available.It specifies the penalties that threaten both sides for the failure of the transaction.
In signing the preliminary agreement make a deposit of 5% -10% of the house or apartment.The lawyer of the main contract in six copies, and both sides have assured his signature.
Once the contract he is certified by the court and there is a final settlement between buyer and seller.Calculated tax property , you will have to pay after the completion of the transaction.To apply for registration in the Land Registry buying center.A month and a half, you will receive a confirmation of ownership of the acquired property and can prepare for the move.