you need
  • To realize their dreams in life should be reserved by different kinds of building materials.Tools will need a lot - depending on the material from which the house is built.And first of all need a plot of land and the project of the future building.
Having defined the material and the construction budget, make a project of the future house well.Do not forget, house you build for yourself, so you need to go to the event thoroughly, take into account all the nuances, to provide all possible.Design - employment difficult, so it is best to turn to the development of professionals.
Prepare a pit for the foundation.To the construction
process does not drag on, leave the excavator digging pits - is the fastest way.
Select and prepare construction materials in stages - first for the construction of the foundation, then to build the frame, walls and roof.Systematic and timely delivery of supplies will help to effectively use labor and land space, which is building his own house well.
Pour foundation and wait until the solution has hardened.It is necessary to carry out construction work in view of features of materials that you use.
Once the foundation is ready, begin the erection of walls.If you invited a team of builders, do not let the process take its course.Take part in all the processes, do not be afraid to check the quality of work - because you and your family to live in this house e.
Walls ready - proceed to the roof.First you have to set the frame, and then the roof.Quality roof - one of the most important criteria.To avoid trouble with the whims of nature, try to select the highest quality material and exactly follow the technology.
Once the building is ready, the work does not end there - install windows and doors.Then proceed to the heating, water supply and other facilities necessary for a normal life.
So, when the roof and walls are ready, all the basic system installed, proceed to the interior decoration - there is no end to the flight of your imagination.A dream into reality.And do not forget to mention the new home!