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  • free newspapers about the sale of real estate services of a lawyer.
First, determine for themselves their financial capabilities and requirements to buy housing: by region, number of rooms (square meters) on the basis of family composition, as well as the urgency of the entry into apartment (onceor renovated).Market apartments in Kazan consists mostly of secondary housing market, its share is about 80% of the total number of sold apartments.On the one hand - this makes it possible to enter almost immediately bought a house on the other - there are certain legal nuances in the design of the apartment.
Then you need to find a suitable option.Search apartment you can own, but you can - turn to the real estate agency.For independent search buy the newspaper "Hand in Hand" or "Kazan property."Select your
favorite apartments and ring up.Approximately 90% of the ads are selling apartments private realtors, the remaining 10% - sobstvenniki.Zavedite its database based on the results of outgoing calls, so you will save time and avoid repetitive calls.
If you are lucky enough to find an apartment without intermediaries - contact a lawyer to check the "purity" of housing in the legal aspect.When making a transaction may be nuances.For example, if the apartment is registered minor child - without the permission of RONO him out not discharged.This procedure may take several months.Another option - if the owner or one of the owners is registered by a psychiatrist.In this case, if you buy an apartment a mortgage - the bank may refuse you, because for 6 months after purchase the seller can refuse the deal.
In that case, if all the documents are in order and you agree with the price - Make buying apartments in the Registration Chamber.The entire list of documents required for registration - you will find at the booth in the lobby of the organizatsii.Chasche just buy apartment from the owner is very hard, goes in search of a few months.To save time, money and frustration - it is easier to apply to the real estate agency.As a rule, they have a large database to sell the apartment.The advantage is also a mandatory legal advice in the process of buying an apartment through an agency.Of course - will have to pay about 50 thousand. Rubles for the service.But this is compensated spent on independent search time and money, in addition to this - unless you're looking for an apartment own - housing prices vyrasti.Ne time to turn to private realtors to pay for services only to those agencies - which exist at the Kazan real estate market more than a year.So you can avoid the fate of becoming a victim of fraud.