you need
  • -zayavlenie for a loan
  • -anketa Bank
  • -copy of passport
  • -copy pension insurance certificate
  • -copy INN
  • -copy military ID
  • -copy document on education
  • -copy of the marriage (divorce, marriage contract)
  • -copy birth certificate (children)
  • -copy employment record (certified by the personnel department)
  • -spravka of permanent registration
  • -Copies passports of all personsliving with the borrower
  • -Copies pension certificate and a certificate of the amount of pension (if the borrower resident pensioners)
  • -Documents on existing wealth (apartment, car, caravan, bank account and other)
  • -Copies documents proving timely paymentutilities
  • -spravka of Drug Dependency Clinic
  • -spravka of neuropsychiatric clinic
  • -All the originals of the above documents
loan to buy an apartment is better to take a mortgage.Interest rates on it are usually lower and easier to design it. loan provided for a period of 1 to 30 years.Requirements to the borrower at all alone.
your age should be from 21 to 65 (at maturity)
Documented solvency
on the last job requires experience notless than 6 months
general seniority at least 1 year (5 years)
sure to have Russian citizenship and permanent registration.
To issue loan need to contact your chosen bank to write a statement and fill in the bank form.Provide the required documents.If you arrange the loan , having to borrowers, the documents must be submitted to all borrowers.
Some banks apartment until full repayment of the loan and remain the property of the bank.
If not to pay the loan on time, the bank has the right to take it away apartment .
no down payment for an apartment loan is issued.Exposure to the interest rate of the first payment at all banks are different.
Bank will provide a loan only after careful verification of the documents submitted.