If such a desire - to move into their own house, located outside the Moscow Ring Road, and visited you read the ads in the media, refer to the proposals that are on the Internet.His choice you need to make, taking into account not only the cost of the plots in a particular direction from Moscow, but also some other factors.
Because you and your family members will continue to work and study in Moscow, analyze, from what region you all will be easier to get to the capital.Even if you buy a low-cost housing, but to get from him every day on the job will have to through the city, the pros o
f this acquisition will quickly become disadvantage because of traffic jams and inconvenient traffic.Therefore the choice of the area and the direction in which you plan to live in the greatest extent determined amenities posts of employment.
Further searches lead, taking into account the fact that, ceteris paribus, will be located closer to the borders of a gated development of the city, the more expensive it will land and buildings.Housing estates economy class almost do not build in the vicinity of Moscow - the land here is too expensive, so the class of housing is also designed for "VIPs".In the case where you are not willing to pay for a portion of the house more than 10 million rubles, look for a house located no closer than 30-40 km from the city limits.
choosing a place for permanent residence, compare how the infrastructure and secure in a particular village.Perhaps it makes sense to overpay a little for their own convenience and peace of mind.In many villages built their own shops, clinics, kindergartens, allowing unemployed family members not to leave unnecessarily comfortable living area.
When choosing a cottage village necessarily take a trip to the place, talk to those of its citizens who are already populated.They can assess the quality of the building and the extent to developer promises are true.Inspect the house vote, how easy it would be to live your family.And be sure to check the map - whether near large industrial facilities, businesses with hazardous industries, landfills.