The easiest and fastest way to buy an apartment is to buy for cash.From the documents need only a passport and the consent of a spouse.Is a contract of sale and filing documents to the justice system.After two weeks, you are a happy owner of the certificate owner of the apartment.

Not everyone has the entire sum to buy an apartment.The missing money you can borrow from a friend or take a consumer loan in the bank.Buying through a consumer credit will take a little more time.The package of documents for the bank is small and consists of a reference salary and a copy of employment record.For two days, the bank makes a decision on granting a loan.You get the money and go to the justice system for registration of the transaction.

purchase procedure on a bank loan is the same as with consumer credit.Perhaps, the
bank will ask for additional documents.The advantages include a lower percentage of the loan.The apartment will not be pledged to the bank and can be sold at any time.

Buy an apartment without money is possible only through a mortgage.The main condition for the bank's own money is the presence of 10% of the purchase price and the solvency of the borrower.Gather all the documents for the bank takes from one to two weeks.The apartment will be pledged to the bank.It will be necessary to insure the life of the borrower and sozaёmschika, if any.As every year will need to insure the property purchased.Of the merits - the lowest percentage of the loan.

to buy an apartment, you can use the parent capital.Money from the maternity capital used as an initial payment or to pay off the mortgage already received.On the downside can be attributed - real estate pledged, after repayment of the mortgage you need to remove the encumbrance of Justice in the biggest package of documents for the bank and the pension fund.Buying through a mortgage takes time and not all sellers are willing to wait, and many sell only for cash.