for drawing up the contract of sale does not prevent involve in cooperation sensible lawyer.With it, you can immediately specify the time within which the seller of housing and his family members are required to vacate the apartment and remove her from all their belongings.But the situation could get worse, and then there is no lawyer you exactly will not do.
According to article 292 of the Civil Code, the buyer obtaining ownership of the property is the basis to discontinue the use of the same living space by the seller, with the exception of special cases prescribed in the legislation of the Russian Federation.Therefore, if the forme
r owner is not going to leave the room, you can file a claim to court to force to evict him.
course, is much better to resolve the issue amicably without involving the judicial authorities.But if this is not possible, you will need to prepare a statement of claim in accordance with Art.131 and Article 132 of the RF Code of Civil Procedure.It must specify the details of the court, the plaintiff, the defendant, the circumstances prevailing conflict and attach the documents that were used in the process of renewal of the apartment (sales contract, etc., and an extract from the Unified State Register dispensation).
You can also use the testimony of witnesses concerning the behavior of the former owner during their stay in the apartment.The reason for the eviction of the owner may be the use of housing for other purposes, violation of the rights of neighbors living on the territory adjacent to the owner of the apartment, as well as the assumption of the destruction of the living space.
conjunction with a lawyer analyze the situation, gather the necessary evidence, read the legal framework on this issue.It will be good if you look similar cases that were ever considered in court.