you need
  • - identity documents of the buyer and seller;
  • - documents in the apartment;
  • - documents from BTI (from the passport and the plan);
  • - permission from all owners (notarized);
  • - from the other spouse, even if it is not recorded in the certificate of title;
  • - Regulation (OPEC);
  • - an extract from the house register;
  • - an extract from the personal account;
  • - contract (notary or written by hand);
  • - the act of reception and transmission;
  • - payment of the state fee.
To purchase apartment in property by full payment for the property, it is necessary to issue the contract of sale with the seller.This document can be issued in written form (Civil Code from 1.01.96) compliance with all the regulations that exist at the time of purchase (Articles 550, 420, 421, 549, 432, 554, 555, 317) or by a notary.
The seller apartments should be ready package of documents for sale.You will need: a certificate of ownership of the apartment , notary approval for sale of all property owners (Article 250, 244 of the Civil Code), the resolution of the spouse, even if the other spouse is not the owner (Article 256 of the Civil Code, 34 RF IC).Resolution of the guardianship authorities and notarized authorization from the legal representatives, if the ownership are minors, incapable or partially capable citizens (Article 26, 30 of the Civil Code).From the apartment must all be written and be confirmed by a certificate about it.You also need to extract from the house of the book, a personal account.
After completing and signing the purchase contract, issued an act of reception and transmission apartments.It identifies all the parameters of apartments: Number of rooms, condition of plumbing, electrical, Floors, floor apartment, as well as the fact that the apartment is handed over in the form, which is now, for all payments it paid.Stamped signatures of the parties of the transaction.No act of acceptance and transfer of property rights can not be registered.Regtsentr refuses to make registration of the property until the registration document and signed by both parties.
transaction is recorded in the Office of the Federal Registration Authority.On the basis of the submitted documents shall be issued a certificate of ownership.
If the apartment is purchased on credit, installment plan is in addition to all of the above documents, the notary executed a pledge agreement, which is registered in regtsentre with all documents in the apartment .Issue a certificate of ownership to the buyer, but not sell or exchange or donate property can not until full repayment of the debt.