you need
  • - computer;
  • - text editor;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Coupons Free classified ads;
  • - pen;
  • - phone;
  • - free version of selected publications to learn how to feed ads and payment options;
  • - money to pay for services provided.
Whichever of the options you may have preferred, we must begin with the drafting of the text ads.Better make it in electronic form on the computer.When placed on a few resources it greatly save your time: it will be easier to copy the text and paste into the online form, if necessary, by editing it with the requirements of the resource (eg, reducing if longish) than typing each time anew.
And for the printed version, if you use all the options, it is easier to print text or copy on the ad form.
tried to reflect all the important parameters influencing the price of the object (l
ocation, number of floors, the availability of telephone, Internet connectivity, or the last, number of rooms, square) and emphasizing its beneficial side.If the text will
longish, you can always reduce it, including at the expense of conventional options.For example, "s / Sec." Instead of "separate toilet".
Placing ads on the Internet on any resource usually involves a simple registration with the subsequent authorization.
If that service is paid, after the formation of the ad in the form of online payment options you offer.Most often, credit card or electronic money distributed is also an option through the terminal.But there may be others.
most common way of free classified ads in the newspaper is that you cut out of her room coupon, fill out and send by mail or in person bring to the editor or a collection point for ads.
can practice also receive ads on the phone and via the website edition.All methods and payment options are usually described in each room, the printed version of a particular newspaper and on its website, if any.