you need
  • - the application form for state registration of rights to the apartment, and deals with it (get from the inspector of the territorial department of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation);
  • - a contract of sale of property, signed by the seller and the buyer, in triplicate;
  • - documents proving ownership of the square meters, furnished in order with the law;
  • - taken in the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) floor plan and explication;
  • - an extract from the house (More)
  • - duplicate financial and personal account of the apartment;
  • - have signed Natarius permit a spouse to buy or sell property.You must present the buyer and seller;
  • - original and copy ordinary passports seller and buyer;
  • - signed by the two parties act on the transfer of square
  • - proof of payment of the state fee (receipt) - the original and the duplicate.
to buy an apartment without the help of a real estate agency, contact your Internet sites.Portals , , home telephone number availability is often said that the ads really gave the owner.
Pick several options of apartments and call on these phones.Cross out those which you find yourself in the organization.Calculate free realtor can specify the details.For example, the address of the apartment or its value.Man sells housing, do not immediately understand what it is you are interested in and start asking more questions.You may quietly say good-bye and hung up.
When you have enough apartments to suit you at a price and parameters, to negotiate with the owners of the inspection.Pay attention to the line of ad text, and told on the phone the details of reality.If a man is cheating at the stage of preparation for the sale, it is not necessary to continue to communicate with him, he might be a crook.
finding the right living space, check the documents of ownership.Ask to see proof of ownership, regular passport and receipts for the rent for the last six months.This will help you make sure that no debt.And also to understand how the residents registered in the apartment.If in addition to the owner, there is someone else, before signing the contract they are obliged to exclude from the house, canceling registration.Otherwise, the right of residence on the square meters you bought them continue.
Then, with a set of documents, along with the owner of the property, go to the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation.This body carries out the state registration of real estate transactions.Pass a set of securities commissioner.The apartment will be your property within a period of weeks to months, immediately after checking the authenticity of the documents.