you need
  • - passport;
  • - money to buy an apartment.
Find a real estate agency that helps you choose the option the apartment to check the correctness of the documents certifying the transfer of ownership.Addresses and phone numbers of agencies can be found in the handbook of the city of Kursk or thematic websites -
Decide what apartment you are looking for, in which area and what area.Relate your desires with the possibilities - real prices for real estate in Kursk and your financial resources.For example, in 2012 the cost of a one-room apartment in Kursk ranges from eight hundred thousand to two million rubles, depending on the area, type o
f home and area of ​​the premises.
Describe your wishes in the agency.Your agent will be able to pick you several options for apartments that you can visit.During the visit, pay attention not only to the layout and condition of the apartment, but also on the staircase and elevator.Do not forget that if you own a house in need of repair, then pay for the repairs have owners, including you.
Learn about the possibilities of financing the purchase of housing.If you do not have the money, then the agent will be able to advise you, in which bank Kursk best to get a mortgage.
When you find a suitable option, sign a contract with the seller.In this document, you must specify not only how and when the transfer of money, but also the timing of departure of the former owners of the apartment.
After the transaction to the seller the agreed amount, and the agency will pay the cost of its services.