Determine the purpose of buying a house well: it can be used for summer holidays or for permanent residence.If you stop for a second embodiment, the distance to the city and work will play an important role in the choice of residence.Road second home and a job should not be very tiring and time consuming.
Determine how much money you can spend on buying a house well.Price country house and depends on the distance to the town, popular destinations, quality of construction materials, the availability of saunas, baths or swimming pools, a readiness to move in, infrastructure - security, shops.
Select the location of future house and .Inspect the nearby town or village ponds.Look, what about the envi
ronmental situation: whether convent house high-voltage power lines, waste bins.Talk to your future neighbors about how to build a house chosen .Check out the local administration with the development plan area.
Pay special attention to the condition house and defects, the quality of materials.Go down to the basement, check the attic, go to the boiler room.Inspect corners house and whether the moisture on the walls, whether they are equal.Please note, if freely open windows and doors - a measure of the correct shrinkage house and .Test everything: electricity, heating, water.
good time of year to buy a house and - the beginning of spring.You can check the heating system, the state of the roof and waterproofing.
Require documentation for engineering systems and electrical wiring, warranty card.With these documents, run into less problems with the operation and maintenance.
Pay particular attention to the legal purity house and .At the time of the transaction house should not be sold, presented, pledged to the dispute in hiring or in custody.Well, if the seller is the sole owner.Since this is rarely the case, the seller must provide a written agreement for sale of all owners and registered persons older than 18 years.
For registration of the sale is better to contact the agency for suburban real estate.Specialists help you choose house or cottage, gather documents, conduct transaction through.