Decide on a price tag.If you need the money as soon as possible, the better to sell the house at an average cost of similar apartments, similar in terms of size and number of rooms.Nevertheless, we should not underestimate the price too, because your ads will be suspicious, and you can take as a cheater.If you have time and do not rush the transaction price can inflate a little, and then gradually reduce it as long as possible buyers reappear.
Limit only common characteristics in the description of the apartment in the ad, not focusing on the details.Some features of your home that you will find the benefits someone might, on the contrary, seem drawbacks: for one the nearby kindergarten - the convenience and time savings for the other - only the noise in the morning.The smaller of
these details you specify in the announcement, the wider will be the circle of interested buyers and the more of them will be followed by phone calls.
Give an apartment in order.General cleaning will make it more attractive to buyers.Furthermore, it should get rid of excess furniture - it is less than, the spacious rooms will look.But to make repairs before its sale of apartments is not necessary, unless it is in absolutely deplorable state.New tenants are often immediately after settling in an apartment much rework by itself, so your efforts can be a waste of time and money.
Take care to correct deficiencies in your apartment.If you are flooded neighbors above, get rid of the traces on the ceiling - they can scare off potential buyers.
Serve advertise the sale of apartments in the fall or spring.At that time, real estate prices grow, and you will be able to benefit from the deal without any extra effort and money investment.And do not forget to make the announcement at least a few photos - it will attract attention and increase the number of responses.