Decide on a budget buy, which usually consists of the value of the property, the cost of registration of property rights, as well as real estate and legal services.
Check out the situation in the real estate market in your area.This can be done by purchasing special paper or visit one of the agencies.
If you do not like the prices in an area previously considered by you as a convenient place for living or business, refer to other options.After spending time searching, you can choose the option that is suitable for you.
Select a real estate agency in the case on the Internet and print media you did not find ads from real estate that would interest you.It also can be found or the "world wide web", or through advertisem
ent in the press.Do not forget to check out reviews of the chosen organization.Agency with a good reputation for reliability than just opened.
as fully and accurately state the agents that you want to buy, where, at what price, and how soon, since for many reasons the deal could be postponed for a while.For example, if you buy an apartment in which children are registered, or it is in a shared property, and one of its owners live in another city.
proposed Inspect your property.Treat this process responsibly, so you did not have trouble.
Check out all the necessary documents, find out whether there can be any problems in the transaction, and whether it is possible at all.The agency often has a lawyer who checks the documentation.
Discuss how you will make payments (cash or cashless).
conclude a contract of sale, transfer funds.Imagine EIRTS documents for re-registration.
Do not forget that after the purchase of real estate, you can make a refund of 13% of its value.Such a possibility the state provides every citizen once in a lifetime.