Before serving ads on the sale of its property, specify exactly what you want it listed.Mandatory item notes should be: floor area (in square meters), the raw material for construction, address, phone number, price, number of outbuildings.The first customers are interested in private homes, whether they conducted electricity, gas and sewage, as well as the availability of hot water in the house.In addition, it is important to indicate which is your home away from Moscow, and what type of transport you can use to be in the capital.
You can put your ad in a newspaper or magazine, and it may even be the publication of the press of a city or town in which you live.Some Moscow residents, tired of the bustle of the city may want to leave the capital an
d take advantage of your offer.Therefore, the media should use the capital required.There are publications that allow you to publish ads for free, but as a rule, their circulation is not as high as a reaction to the posted notes is shown not as bright as you would like.The cost of printing in large editions depends on the number of words in the ads, and the place of the bands on the media on which you want to publish its call for the sale of the house.The most popular Moscow that publish such ads are the "Hand in Hand", "Kommersant" and "Real estate and prices."
You can also look for potential customers who are ready to buy a house with the help of the Internet.There are many websites that are full of free classified ads, and buyers and sellers every day through such portals are finding each other and to enter into mutually beneficial cooperation.In recent years become increasingly popular portals and, but there are also lesser-known sites such as and to attract the attention of potential customers, it does not indicate a specific price sale.The phrase "possible bargaining" is much more appropriate in this case, and you will not only get a little more customers, but also freedom of action, since you can vary the price depending on your desires.