Registration and collection of documents

Currently actively developing small and medium businesses.Every entrepreneur wants to make your business highly profitable and safe.

club to be able to function, need to collect a list of documents.It includes the authorization to carry out business activities of territorial bodies, the conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspection.In that case, if the room is a nightclub to be leased, the firefighters did not need permission.All the responsibility will lie with the owner.Build a nightclub is not appropriate, it is best to hire a sufficient area of ​​the room.

main stages of business

An essential point of this business plan is to determine the location of the club.The best option - the city center or
on the outskirts of the busy streets.

is important to determine the order, what is the target institution will be calculated.Most often, nightclubs visited by young people under the age of 35 years but are often more solid visitors.From this depends largely on the level of service operation places, the list of services.For example, for young people it is of great importance the music, while the older generation prefer a quiet holiday, star performances.

club Dimensions can be varied.It is desirable that the area of ​​the dance hall was not less than 200-250 meters, and the ceiling height - no less than 4 meters.It is advisable to make several halls: quiet and where to play the music.To increase profits, it is advisable to organize not just a bar, but also a small restaurant.

To Club attended mostly respectable people, and in order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is advisable to organize at the entrance to a night club face control.It can be common for all the cost of entry.

Nightclub will not be able to function without the equipment.This will require light-music, music technology, cash registers, windows, dishes, furniture (sofas, tables, chairs, bar).The interior should be beautiful.

also need to hire employees: Administrator, waiters, cooks, guards, bartenders.It is also important to organize advertising.

main costs will be associated with the lease of premises, purchase of equipment.For equipment and furniture will take about 2.5 million rubles for the payment of the personnel - 300 thousand a month.This monthly cost is an average of 2 million rubles, and net profit - 300-400 thousand.

Thus, the opening night of the club is very profitable business, but its organization require a large initial capital.