Think, what would you really like to do.It is advisable to engage in a lifetime.If you chose your way, walk in it with pleasure and to the end - this is your conscious and voluntary choice.Your activities should bring you pleasure and that is why you will do it with all my heart, surrendering without a trace.
Since I chose to a particular area - Try to make it a king.For this, you will inevitably have to become an expert in their field -good study it and constantly keep abreast of all trends.
If you are really doing something, then do just that, without being distracted by other projects.Otherwise, you will be nervousness, because'll never keep up with it all.But if yo
u are terminally multipurpose man - something for you the following advice: bring to perfection, or at least to mind one thing first, and then hold the other.Then past successes will give you more confidence in their abilities, extra weight in society and will inspire you for the victorious accomplishment of future cases.
Study your competitors.Do it all the time.Yes, some of their success can make you give up and surrender (in these moments can come treacherous thought: "All they do is better than me", "I'll never reach their level," "I do not have such expertise, technologiesand experience ").But there is nothing to be done.Either you will know the truth about the competitors, no matter how awkward for you as it is, or your business is likely to die under the rubble of the walls of your false hopes and beliefs, which you fenced off from reality.
Copy what you think in the experience of the most efficient competitors.Do not hesitate to do it, if for no legal obstacles.Most of your competitors (particularly successful), are unlikely to be afraid to use your secrets and know-how, if they know about.
However, not always even the strongest competitor will force you to give up.Man is imperfect.And because of its creation (such as his business) - imperfect as well.Look for their weaknesses.Look for something that does not know how to do, or not well your competitors are doing.But exactly what would rate the consumer.Sometimes the mere trifle, but it will become a competitive advantage and bring you great success (in 2011, for example, still not many web-studio can place on a site custom and decorative font that it was not a picture, namely the text thatindexed by search engines, which can be copied, pasted, etc., but then consumers need original, stands out from the rest, but works properly design your site).
pay due attention to advertising.Do not leave her financial scraps that are left after all.Ineffective advertising - the most mediocre expenditure.It does not pay off.Shall describe methods of advertising that will be used, and set reasonable, feasible for you but the cost of it.In advertising to express their competitive advantage, or at least that provided not one and all firms in your industry (eg for advertising bakery phrase "we always have fresh baked goods" is bad and does not hook the consumer, for all the competitors try to keep at only freshfood).
not spend too much time thinking.Seven times measure well when this process lasts a few months or years.Once formed a clear plan of action and competition - to take over its execution.If the plan is written on paper is perfect, and the soul unsure - ignore them and do scheduled.For more likely it is your natural feature - the overly cautious.If you succumb to it - your competitors will not wait for you uskachut unattainable and far away, and you can never find out what was reasonable doubt and whether they were justified at all.
If you come upon an error - do not worry.All wrong.Your competitors, too.But it will achieve one of you success only one who does not leave attempts after hassles coolly extract lessons from them, will not start to rush in search of an easier business (which is useless, as a matter of your life you have decided in the first stage), and goes onIt is already on track.