Enlist a trusted accountant and lawyer.It is not cheap.But it will be much cheaper than if you carry out this work themselves and miss the crucial moments.They will then be much more expensive.There are lawyers who once won the case on the closure of any business will be able to help you in the later stages of the settlement of all issues.They will then represent your interests.
Complete all necessary legal forms to close your case.They will include the entire list of items from the last payment of tax to the definition of retirement benefits to employees.This, of course, a headache, but if you miss this step, then you will suffer from legal troubles for years.Ask your adviser (lawyer) to provide you with the forms.Fill out an exhaustive list of all the
items, and have it checked.
Notify local and federal authorities of its decision.As is the case with the passage of the registration process of the company and obtain a license, there are special organs that need to go to the closing of the business.In each country and city has its own characteristics, but in any case, it is necessary first to call the Chamber of Commerce.
Put an ad in the local newspaper.This will help you in a few moments.You need to start to inform customers about the closure of your business and give them the opportunity to buy goods at a discount.You also still need to liquidate their stocks.Secondly, this measure will prevent the firm with the same name as you.
Get rid of your debts.If you owe suppliers, accountants or employees, pay them in full, before closing his business.On the other hand, return the funds that you need other people.Although it would be pretty hard to do when you announce his position.