you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - contacts;
  • - small start-up capital.
Create a beautiful design for your business project .This is one of the most important points, which do not always pay due attention to the online business.But most people want to see is a nice picture on the website, blog or other resources.Of course, we should not neglect the quality of their project, but still need to create an attractive design of the product / service and website.If you can not do it yourself, leave this job to professionals online freelancers.
A comprehensive search of partners in targeted niche.Contact with them is crucial for the establishment of friendly relations and conduct massive sales.Write them a few letters in a friendly manner, and only then offer to advertise
their goods to their subscribers.Naturally, you will need to think first and foremost about partners and provide them with the conditions that they can not refuse.
Make an advertising campaign in newsletters and on websites relating to business.In addition to the partnership database, you need to still find commercial sites that offer the possibility of advertising on the resource and the signature sheet.Pay a specified price and create a series of letters to visitors of this resource.Put attractive banner in his head and watch out for the attendance of your site.
explore ways to promote your site on the content network in the search engines.Create more ads and run them in the service of "Yandex-Direct."Potential customers will type in a search engine query relating to your project and see those ads on the left.If they are interested in your business, they will either buy the product / service, or write to you for the feedback.
Promote your brand through blogs and social networks.This is the most reliable way of promotion of the project in the network, although it is much longer than the others.Write and stir every day useful material on the subject.Thus you will attract targeted traffic without investing in advertising project.Place materials "Vkontakte", "Twitter" and "Facebook".