Pick the most appropriate ad networks for the sale of your advertising.At the same time pay attention to the geo-targeting (orientation site visitors regarding the region).Quite an important criterion for the appropriate site for the requirements of the set of advertising networks is the source of traffic.In this case, the dominant search engine traffic needed to move visitors to the site can be performed directly from the search engines: Google, Rambler,, Yandex.
Note teaser networks.They are more demanding of quality and site traffic.The data allow us to establish a network site specific ad unit, having a spectacular anima
ted pictures (teasers).The advertiser, in turn, will be able to receive money for the number of clicks made by visitors on the teaser.From these networks can use the teaser: Medianet.adlabs, Bodyclick, Teasernet, Pay-click.Each of them operates by its own rules establishing the criteria for the approval of its site in participation advertising sales.
You can use the advertising system Google AdSense.She has the most simple conditions, in cooperation with a view to the sale of advertising.However, for the sale of advertising space needs its own website.
The conditions of banner networks.They work in the same way as the network teaser, but are paid not just clicks, and impressions.All payments are made on electronic purses or Yandex WebMoney.
You can use affiliate networks.They allow you to install on your site ad units with the goods or as a virtual showcase the product.Taking advantage of this system for the sale of advertising, you can receive any payment for clicks on established teasers or for the purchase, which will make customers referred to the advertiser's site.In such a field of active following networks: Mixmarket and "Where is the elephant."