Market relations originated many years ago, and we can safely say that they were and are an associate of human development and modernization of society and science.First of all, they are a peculiar way of cooperation and communication between people, organizations, countries and even political communities.In essence, a person's life - it is the market economy, because almost all of its actions are aimed at improving the quality of life, improve the social status and enrichment.

When it originated market relations

If you rely on historical facts, the emergence of market relations was still in the primitive society.It was in this period of human development were family related clans arose the rivalry between them, there was a desire for enrichment.Without any items for normal and comf
ortable existence, people turned to their neighbors, offering instead what possessed in abundance for yourself, that is offered to the exchange, which is the basis of market relations.

Habitual contemporaries monetary and commodity market relations appeared during the development of the feudal system.But in most cases the monetary unit were still things - precious metals or stones, slaves or land ownership, that is something that serves as a valuation measure in a given society.Money, as such, began their journey in markets only in ancient China two thousand years before our era.

main functions of market relations

no market relations is impossible not only to the development of human society, but its existence in principle.The most important feature of the market - is the regulation of supply and demand of various commodities.It depends on the pricing of everything that is bought and sold, and on luxury goods, and the most necessary, what man needs every day and every minute.

stimulates the function of market relations lies in the fact that the increasing demand, the market increases and supply of various goods.Manufacturers are trying to reduce production costs, speed up its production, that is looking for ways to optimize production.And this, in turn, serves as the impetus for the creation and development of new technologies and their implementation in the manufacturing process of the goods.

function of natural selection is to create a healthy competition in the market of sales and production.Weaker economic terms economic units give way to stronger.And the very existence of many manufacturers and sellers of a strong economy to stimulate growth and development.