Please note that the declaration is made up of three sections, the last of which fill in if your organization is not a tax agent and has fixed assets in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Completing the start with the title page.It is necessary to enter data relating to the organization, that is, INN, KPP, name, NACE.All this information you can get from the constituent documents or extracts from the state register.
3 Specify the number of corrections.If you form not revised declaration, specify "00".Put down the code of the tax period.It all depends on the circumstances that led you to create a report if you rent for the
next calendar year - enter the code "34", if the organization is liquidated - "50".
Put down the date of the signature and blue seal of the organization.Next, go to the filling section №2.
Point Inn, PPC, OKATO, put down the page number (3).Now count the average annual value of assets on the balance.To do this, fill out the line 020-141.Here, write down the net book value of fixed assets in the first day of each month.
Fold the residual value for the year (lines 020-141) and divide by 13, enter that number on line 150. If you do not have on the balance of non-taxable property, the amount shown on line 150, enterand line 190.
Put down the tax rate, which is 2.2%.Multiply the amount on line 190 on it.
Specify the amount of advance payments, which were paid for 9 months.To do this you need calculations.
Go to filling section №1.Also specify all the details, put down the page number (2).In the "code of budget organizations" provide the CSC, you can update it to the tax office.On line 030 enter the amount you want to pay (line 190, line 230).If it gets a minus, write it below the line.