you need
  • - the charter of JSC;
  • - register of the Company;
  • - a transfer order;
  • - notice of the meeting of shareholders.
Learn charter private company.This document is compiled to create the organization and provides the legal basis of CJSC.There shall be established the order of the procedure output shareholders of the company.In most cases, the output of the Company may be carried out if the shareholders' meeting to decide on the acquisition of shares the participant intending to withdraw from society.
notify in writing the other members of the public about the need for an extraordinary meeting of shareholders.The basis for the convening of the meeting will be your desire to withdraw from the joint stock company and to s
top participating in its activities.
Agree with the other members of the public about the sale of your shares of the Company.This operation does not require notary certification and state registration.The sales contract is allowed to make in writing.If disagreements and conflict does not arise in this case, information on the sale of shares and exit from the shareholder entered in the Company's internal document of the Company - the register of shareholders.
Make and sign the transfer order, which is necessary for the acquisition of another person of ownership of the securities.This document must necessarily contain information on the purchase price of your shares.Then there is a transition of ownership of the shares, freeing the former owner from the duties of member of the Company.
In that case, if you want to transfer their shares to a third party, to obtain the consent of other members of the company, unless otherwise stipulated in the statute.Remember that the current shareholders have a priority right to purchase your shares.
In case of disagreements and conflict between you and other members of society refer to the judicial authorities.The petition reflect its intention to collect your judgment of the funds, which is determined by the proportion of your shares.If the court decides in your favor, Inc. will be obliged to pay you a share of funds under compulsion.