first think over the question of the representation of the goods on the site.Design online store should be as ergonomic and suited for advertising and presentation of the clothing.In addition, consider the question of bookkeeping, attract new customers, adware and search engine promotion.Perhaps something will have to trust the experts.
If you are not an expert in the development of websites and online stores, order this service in a specialized studio.Note that for a good project will take a lot of money.The first cost of the site will depend on the design, without which it can not do.But here you can save, apply for the creation of a free or paid professional templates.Secondarily price will depend on
functionality.This option will depend on the number of purchased software modules for the control system.
Presentation of goods on the site must be comprehensive.The client must be able to consider all angles future purchase in order to put to rest any doubts that it will suit him.In addition, the site should allow the buyer to choose the right size for yourself, even if the visitor did not understand anything in dimensional grids.When it comes to women's clothes, you may have a lot of non-standard dimensions and other parameters.In other words, many women have a combination of the size of their waist, hips, and other things, and it would be difficult to pick up clothes remotely.
Register the company for the sale of clothing or register themselves as a private businessman.Learn the rules and requirements applicable to ordinary trade enterprises clothing.These same rules and requirements apply in relation to e-commerce.Conclude an agreement with the bank on the clearing settlement with customers.Signed a contract with the suppliers of the goods.Think delivery system so as to dispense with its warehouse.The supplier must be able to quickly deliver the required clothes in any quantity and assortment immediately after ordering your customer.And for that he must be sufficiently large warehouses with large stockpiles of goods.
Offer your customers several options to pay for goods.Someone is convenient to pay cash, someone - cash on delivery, and for the benefit of someone other instant payments.Consider a system of delivery of ordered clothes to customers.At first, you will be personally beneficial to transmit the order.With the growth of the turnover have to hire couriers.For nonresident buyers need to deliver the goods by mail.In addition, possible foreign clients.They are certainly rare, but you should be prepared for this.Once everything is ready, let the advertising of their online store and join in its promotion.