old translations

Russian school of literary translation began to take shape in the early nineteenth century, under the influence of already existing at that time the German school.However, translation of literary works have been made before.However, the principle for the modern reader was somewhat unusual.Interpreter took storyline and simply retell the content.Characteristic for the original parts were replaced by a more comprehensible to the Russian reader, if not disappeared.It is these features of the different translation Sumarokova that until Gnedich considered the best option.
«Hamlet" in the arrangement Sumarokova interesti
ng and modern reader, but be aware that the language of the eighteenth century, has some differences from the modern, so read it is not always easy.

«Hamlet» Gnedich

NIGnedich translation of "Hamlet" at a time when Russian translation school has actively formed.He followed the principle that the real translator is not only conveys the meaning and story lines, but takes full advantage of the artistic features of the original.The play is translated Gnedich repeatedly staged in the theater, this version of "Hamlet" is interesting to this day.Translator knew the environment in which the action takes place, and accurately transmit its features.

«Hamlet" Lozinski

version of Shakespeare's plays, the proposed MLLozinsky, now considered a classic of Russian literary translation.Mikhail Leonidovich had a remarkable poetic talent, an excellent knowledge of the Russian language.Besides, he was noted for corrosive and meticulous, always he showed great attention to detail.His translation is good and with the literary and historical perspective.This is the most accurate version of the existing ones.

«Hamlet» Pasternak

not passed the genius of Shakespeare's creation and the great Russian poet BLPasternak. Lozinski made his option before Pasternak.However, Boris Leonidovich suggested publishing the work, and he agreed, apologizing Lozinsky. Translation Pasternak has a great Russian language, considerable poetic merit, but it also has serious drawbacks.Boris Leonidovich often neglect important details.Therefore, it translates well from a literary point of view, but not very authentic from a historical perspective.

modern version

author of the most interesting modern version - Anatoly Agroskin.His "Hamlet" is made by someone else-word (all previous significant work is done directly from the original).But this option is different literate language and attention to historical realities.It is, of course, on its merits, or inferior version of Pasternak Lozinski, but the translator turned out great play, which is ideal for the modern theater.