Make your choice of the room.For dining, it should consist of a rather large hall, kitchen, involving zoning on a cold, hot, sweet shop, as well as all the additional sites.It is also important to take into account a sufficient number of outbuildings and office.As for the location, at the opening of the dining room must be sought in the area of ​​high traffic, as well as the existence of institutions (universities, business centers, etc.) That are ready to supply anchor customers.
Find out if there is enough power in the future dining.If the room is located in the city center, a high risk of limiting electricity.For catering is one of the most important questions, choose it at the
early stage of the design dining room.When there are difficulties with electricity, should provide work on gas heating equipment, for which you will have to create and register a so-called "gas project."It is expensive and, in addition, takes a long time, but during the operation of heating equipment will be very beneficial.
Calculate the required amount of cooling chambers.Keep in mind that they should be different temperatures: freezers, refrigerators with the negative area for the fresh fish and meat, refrigerators for ready meals with zero and positive zones.If your dining room provides its confectionery production, it should also be taken into account when drawing up the specifications of refrigeration equipment.
Make a list of necessary electrical, electromechanical and mechanical equipment.This may include various mixers, blenders, Harvesters, graters, shredders, and so on. If you open dining no chef, but his plan to attract in the future, consider the menu format similar institutions.Having an idea of ​​the dishes that you want to see in the future menu will be easier to suggest what equipment you need.
Select line distribution, as well as tables and chairs for the room.If the former should be selected according to the functionality, the furniture - depending on the overall design ideas dining room.In any case, preferably circular, rectangular tables and hard chairs in the end will be better to soft.The reason is simple: you as the owner are more interested in the frequent turnover of seats, but not in the long gatherings at the same kettle of tea.